Welcome to Mood Group! We are an executive search firm that specializes in assisting organizations within the Packaging and Print sectors globally to locate and secure senior executives who will drive their business forward.

Mood Group has a deep understanding of the unique challenges, opportunities, and trends within the Packaging and Print sectors globally, and we use this knowledge to identify and attract the best executive talent for your organization. Whether you're looking for a CEO, CFO, CTO, or any other executive-level candidate, we have the expertise, resources, and networks to help you secure the right candidate who will make a difference for your business.

At Mood Group, we firmly believe in the transformative power of Exclusive Retained Search when compared to the limitations of contingent search. When you opt for our Exclusive Retained Search service, you are making an investment in excellence. Contingent searches often spread their efforts across multiple clients, resulting in a diluted focus and less personalized attention to your unique needs. In contrast, our Exclusive Retained Search model is all about you. We dedicate our full resources, expertise, and time to understanding your organization's culture, vision, and specific executive requirements. This singular focus allows us to uncover top-tier talent that not only meets your qualifications but aligns seamlessly with your company's values and goals. With Exclusive Retained Search, you gain a partner who is fully committed to your success, ensuring a tailored, efficient, and ultimately more successful executive recruitment process. Let us elevate your talent acquisition strategy, guiding you toward visionary leaders who will drive your organization to unparalleled heights.

At Mood Group our journey in the global packaging and print sectors has been defined by unwavering success and a strong commitment to exploring emerging territories. With a focus on regions like the Middle East, Africa, Southern Europe, and the Far East, we have invested significantly in cultivating a robust database of talented professionals who possess an intimate understanding of these unique markets. Since 2010 we have successfully completed numerous assignments in these emerging territories, helping our clients tap into the immense potential that lies within. Our dedication to these regions is a testament to our belief in their growth prospects, and we are proud to have contributed to their development by connecting visionary leaders with our clients. Join us in shaping the future of packaging and print in these dynamic and burgeoning markets.

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