Mood Etcetera


Mood Etcetera

The Wiki on Etcetera – It is a Latin expression meaning ‘and the other things’ or ‘and the rest’…intrigued then keep reading.

Mood Etcetera focuses on Education, innovation and TRANSFER OF INFORMATION on Packaging & Print, creating a knowledge exchange.

The committee will bring together sector executives and academia through ‘think tanks’ which will identify and discuss long term trends and strategic challenges facing the industry.

The group members will be organized by country, whereby the experience identified in one country, may help resolve problems in another country amongst other things.

This will be supported and shared by various social media groups, blogs, interviews, podcasts and Instagram.

Mood Etcetera plans to host a virtual forum bringing HR executives and Academia together to discuss trends in employment needs and the evolution of curricula to ensure academia is supplying the right candidates.

If you are interested to receive information regarding this innovation, please email [email protected]