Are your documents ready?

5 April 2019

Are your documents ready?

Congratulations – you have made the decision to make your next career move or better still you already have started the process and you receive an invitation to interview or even better still again you have completed the interview process and now have been sent an offer for you to sign and return with all your documentation ready for onboarding formalities to be completed and your dream job awaits you. Then you hit a wall, due to either not having the right paperwork immediately available or worst still it doesn’t even exist, and you can’t put it together in time before the offer expires and is withdrawn!

So, what can you do to avoid this situation?

The list below is set out to provide a guide and some countries/employers might have some more specific requests compared to others, however these will provide a good reminder at the very least to be prepared when your recruiter/future employer asks for your professional certification in order to process Visa’s/Work Permits and general HR approvals;

  1. CV – Latest up to date in WORD in hard and soft copy form.
  2. Passports – Are Yours and your families passports within date (at least 6 months before expiry) Certified and/or attested. Does your passport have any conflicting Visa’s stamped inside?
  3. Certificates – Birth and Marriage certificates – Copied/certified or attested
  4. Masters/Degree/School Qualifications – Copied/certified or attested
  5. References – The professionals you have chosen, have you spoken to them recently? Are they aware of your intentions/have they given their permission/do you have their correct telephone/email details?
  6. Health check/certificates
  7. Families inoculations up to date?
  8. Is your travel insurance up to date?
  9. Do you have an up to date ‘Good Standing Certificate’?
  10. Driving License
  11. Police report

You may need to find an organisation that can formally accredit your documents in reediness for your intended move. If you haven’t completed this process before, seek some advice from a Solicitor or Lawyer.

You will require a complete file so be prepared and be ahead of the curve with your paperwork/documents which are always required.

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