Follow Your Dreams !

14 March 2022

Follow Your Dreams !

13 years ago today on the 13th March 2009 I said to my wife Emma Doo I am taking the plunge and opening Mood Group. I opened my LinkedIn account and let the record show that Mood Group was born, this was a long held ambition of mine to one day "employ myself" 🙂 - Initially conceived as a consultancy business to the Print & Packaging sector and a year later we had evolved into a recruitment business with our first assignment! Initially we traded out of Dubai, then Cyprus, followed by Malta and now we are located in the UK. Over the last 13 years we have met and made friends and extended our network with an enormous amount of the Print & Packaging community across the world. We have proudly helped clients improve their businesses and very experienced professionals find new homes, where their contribution is valued and appreciated.! No two days are ever the same and I eagerly look forward to the next day in the knowledge that we will continue to bring like minded people together, just when they all wish to meet and provide "win win" solutions for all.

To my wife Emma Doo thank you for supporting my dream, becoming a valuable and integral part of the business and for accepting that the life of an Entrepreneur requires nerves of steel!

To our amazing clients across the world - thank you for your trust, business and for the exhilaration and joy which comes from serving you.!

To our amazing candidates we trust as your recruitment partners we live up to the nine pillars on the home page of our website - these were selected based on our prior experiences before starting Mood Group and we aim to live by them everyday - they are our DNA and our pledge to you, and we will continue to serve you the best that we can - and also look to have some laughs with you along the way.!

If you have reached the bottom of this missive - thank you for reading, and thank you from me for being part of the Mood Group family !

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