The Personal Touch

17 February 2023

The Personal Touch

…why your recruiter’s personal touch, is still so important to candidates and clients alike.

I was reminded last week when I overheard a colleague speaking, to a potential candidate in our office, about just how important it is to always reach out/speak to or touch base with your recruiter and to be open and honest, ahead of any career move.

There are so many critical pieces of information which are never included in a CV. Yes, your skills/qualifications and experience should be the basic reason why you are a good fit for the job in question and if not, your CV is either not the best it could be, or this isn’t the right job for you. Your CV showcases your professional experience and skills. The drivers as to the ‘why a candidate is searching?’ is something to be discussed and understood, direct with your recruiter. Also, particularly if you and your immediate family have any special requirements e.g. educational/visa or health requirements. Your CV doesn’t usually allow for such sensitive information to be included, so discuss this openly.

The recruiter and potential employer are only interested in really understanding what your greatest achievements are and what added values you bring as this experience may well benefit the new employer. A successful final interview should conclude, in you being offered the position. The numbers, dates, data and statistics really help illustrate this quickly. Set out the information, pertaining to your career clearly and honestly. Where and when you worked somewhere and include those companies’ websites and logos. Make it easy for the recruiters/potential employers to understand where you have come from, as they might not be familiar with all the companies you worked for especially if they are in a different country. Include detailed information on how many and which team members you managed, the plant/factories turnover. How you improved its performance or grew its sales/exports and include percentages/figures, times and dates. It goes without saying that buzzwords and clichés, will probably just bore your readers so avoid using them. Your CV should be super easy to read and understand exactly what experience and expertise you have to offer.

From a client’s point of view, it’s always useful to hold your recruiter close so when you have a situation with your team, you can reach out quickly to someone who knows and understands fully, your business plans, its mission and vision for the future. Even better if you can work with a specialist recruiter as they will also understand your jargon and daily issues with commercial/production and sales cycles. Being specialists to the Print, Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors has always kept us niche, boutique, specialist, and focused on an area we are passionate about. We like to keep regular contact with our clients, holding calls and keeping abreast of industry news, to see who is doing what, where and when and with who.

We recruiters genuinely want to help and do a good job for our candidates and clients alike. This is our continual quest, coming up with, new innovative ways to match expectations and bring two equally important parties together. Also, being our own boss enables us to really think outside the box and make things happen, for our valued candidates and clients. There is no better way than the personal touch, especially in this ever so technologized world that we find ourselves living in. So, why not pick up the phone and speak to your recruiter you never know whom they have just been talking to, which might interest you.

The author - Emma is fastidious about customer service, questioning and understanding the needs of both candidates and customers. Emma is a Managing Partner of Mood Group and a mum to Edward.

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