Vital Social Media Groups - LinkedIn & Facebook

26 March 2023

Vital Social Media Groups - LinkedIn & Facebook

An often overlooked or even lesser known fact is the number of specialist social media groups there are out there on the web which one can join free of charge!

The Print & Packaging sectors have an amazing number of generic and specialist groups covering all matters from job search & employment opportunities through to trade articles and event news.

A good starting point is to join one of each such as the following,

LinkedIn Group & Facebook and from there one will start to see similar general & specialist groups relating to your particular field which are clustered within the same category and should be promoted to you by the channel or can be searched for within the group search functions.

Use these groups to read about best practice and current thinking, new products and services, events and trade shows and employment/career opportunities across the world.

Go one step further and use these groups to promote your self in the form of a BLOG, VLOG or comment on matters topical and pertinent which not only is of great benefit to the community you are a part of but will also raise your profile within the industry as an expert and authority on your chosen subject and/or field.

Assuming you concur and believe in the above please comment below with the names below of your Top 3 LinkedIn / Facebook Groups and please like / share this article on social media by clicking on the buttons above.

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